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Jancee Dunn

What's it like to be an MTV2 VJ?

It's really fun. I love the crew. We all get into uncontrollable laughing fits. I used to be nervous but now I'm not anymore. I don't know if that's good or bad. Every single shoot is completely different - some locations are skanky, some more upscale. Sometimes our guests are jerks, sometimes they behave. It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

What's the worst job you ever had?

I was a waitress in a nursing home - King James Nursing Home in Chatham, New Jersey. I had to wear white elastic pants and a hair net. There were three kinds of food: low salt, low sugar and puree. Everyday this one man would say "Hey, honey" and show me his peepee when I delivered his food. Another guy had a prosthetic arm which he would deliberately make fall off so that I would have to try and put it back on as though he were a Ken doll. I didn't know what I was doing. There were some sadistic people in that nursing home.

Jancee Dunn is Senior Editor at Rolling Stone in addition to her duties as an MTV2 VJ.

Chris Booker

What is the best part of being an MTV2 VJ?

What is the best part of being an MTV2 VJ? Where does one start? How about the parking pass. They give me this pass which allows me to park anywhere I want without being ticketed. That rules. Maybe craft services? That is the excellent supply of fattening foods we get to snack on during the shoots. Maybe, the excellent usage of the interns. "Hey you....whatever your name is, I need coffee!!" Maybe the free bottled water? Changing my clothes in front of the staff daily? No, I've got it... Favorite thing, just knowing Jancee Dunn. (thought if I plugged her, she could get me into Rolling Stone!! She works there you know?

What was the most memorable interview you ever did?

Dicky Barrett at the Warped tour on Randals Island in NYC. The show got cancel due to hurricane like conditions. He went on the air with me and we pretended that we worked for the weather channel.

Booker is a DJ at WXRK, K-Rock, in New York City in addition to his duties as an MTV2 VJ.


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